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The Broadway Cafe Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

The Broadway Cafe - Research Paper Example As it is referenced, by and by, the greater part of the tasks are not recorded, and the ones recorded are done so physically. In spite of the fact that organizations typically depend on heaps of various spreadsheets, notes and information, the coffeehouse, luckily, has almost no data on record. Along these lines, the initial step is build up a database of the considerable number of things of the bistro, extending from various specific espressos, bread shop things, sandwiches, soups, and servings of mixed greens. In spite of the fact that Broadway Cafe has long periods of custom and gathered information, they all lie in the hands of my granddad. In this way, a Knowledge Management framework will be acquainted with forestall the loss of that data for good. Moreover, the plans of all things will be put away on PC, and just chose staff of the bistro will approach the plans, however data on things and their costs can be gotten to by everybody. The following stage will be to make the payro lls of the workers mechanized. Utilizing grandfather’s memory and employees’ help, the work history and installment of every worker will be put away on PC. The following stage will be to put PC booths with the goal that all deals and buys are recorded. Subsequently, all the exchanges of the pastry kitchen will get electronic to start with. Here, assist will with being looked for from bookkeeping staff and IT specialists regarding what sort of data is required to be put away and surveyed for smooth working of the firm. At this stage, I expect to present an uncommon IT-based coordinated effort framework for Broadway Cafe. This will help the sharing of information and data among representatives, clients, providers, and all other people who are keen on Broadway Cafe. The best coordinated effort framework for the bistro, as I would see it, will be a groupware framework. This Groupware programming will permit bunch connection occasions, for example, calendaring, planning, an d video-conferencing. It is apparent that having this framework will permit the bistro to speak with our clients and providers. What's more, this will help total different undertakings in time by appropriately posting things on an e-schedule. Be that as it may, database reinforcement is significant for the bistro. In this way, care will be taken to guarantee ordinary reinforcement of data. Moreover, there will be week after week back of significant data. Furthermore, to guarantee PC wellbeing, workers will be permitted get to just to restricted zones of data that are required for the smooth working of the bistro. Presently, clients will have numerous choices to arrange an item from Broadway Cafe. They can straightforwardly arrange at our counters, they can use the stands put inside and simply outside the bistro, or they can arrange from home by visiting our site. For effectiveness of installment, we will present PayPal. Presently, it appears that there are sure important redesigns t o be presented at the bistro. The first will present an alluring menu, appealing uniform for the staff, and TV screens and music in the bistro. Furthermore, web office will be made accessible in the bistro so that even the busiest business official gets an opportunity to have an espresso while doing his business. In the wake of presenting these essential changes, it is the ideal opportunity for the bistro to proceed onward to consider building up its business utilizing Information Technology. Presently, in the wake of having mechanized the bistro, the time has come to utilize most recent innovation for drawing in clients.

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6 Expert Tips to Start Your Side Hustle

6 Expert Tips to Start Your Side Hustle 6 Expert Tips to Start Your Side Hustle 6 Expert Tips to Start Your Side HustleWhen it comes to getting a side hustle going and earning extra income, are you all talk and no action? Let these successful side hustlers and entrepreneurs help you out…Hey. Did you read our January blog post about getting your side hustle started in 2017?You did? That’s awesome! So how’s your hustle going? What’s that? You haven’t even started it?Don’t worry, folks. We understand. Starting a side gig to earn some extra income is much easier said than done. If you’ve run into problems getting yours off the ground, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.That’s why we reached out to a number of successful side hustlers and entrepreneurs to get some helpful advice. Enjoy!1. Stop sweating the small stuff and just get started.According to digital marketing expert Maddy Osman (@MaddyOsman), one of the most important things you can do to start your side hustle is to just dive in feet first and worry about the details later:“When youre thi nking about creating a side hustle, its easy to feel overwhelmed and get lost in all the details that go into getting starting. You might feel like its necessary to first set up/commission a website, business social media profiles, a logo, and even document templates like contracts. Although these pieces play a role in your eventual success, they shouldnt stand between you and getting your first client or making your first sale.“Seriously, the best move you can make is to just get startedeven if you dont have a website/portfolio, and even if your processes arent in place just yet. After all, the most important move to make is the first one. Many who consider the side hustle lifestyle never make it past the planning stage. You miss 100% of the shots you dont take!“Realize that you can make all of these things perfect over time. If it makes you feel more comfortable when first getting started, outline a schedule for completing each of these necessary piecesâ€"and stick to it!”2. But also have a long-term plan.Just because you get started quickly with your side gig doesn’t mean that you need to skip any planning whatsoever. If you want to sustain your work over a long period of time, you’re going to need a blueprintone that you can stick to.Kristin Marquet (@KristinMarquet) is the founder and managing director of Creative Development Agency. Her advice to aspiring side hustler’s is to make sure your strategy goes out farther than just the next couple weeks:“I made my side business into a full-time income by finding clients through referrals, search engine marketing, and publicity. However, while I was still working in corporate America and I had checked out mentally (since I knew my job was going to be terminated), I found my motivation and inspiration in the creative work I did in my side business. Most of it was PR, copywriting, and graphic design.“The best way you can maintain your passion and motivation while building your business is to plan out a long-term strategy. When I say long-term, I mean at least 12 months. You need to see the big picture.“As the business evolves, itll be easier to maintain that creativity because you will be able to use your side hustle as a creative outlet that is difficult to find at a full-time job.   When youre working on your side hustle, you can follow your passion and take on projects that align with your interests and expertise. Youre not being forced to do work thats both boring and mundane.“If I had stayed at my full-time job, I wouldnt have minded doing the work; it just would not have fueled my passion, whereas the creative work I did in my side business challenged me and kept me motivated.”3. Do your research to make sure no hustles you.If you’re looking for a side gig that involves working for someone else, there’s always the chance that you’re going to get rolled. So take precautions.“I mostly find my side gigs posted on Craigslist,” says Lori Cheek (@loricheeknyc ), founder and CEO of dating app Cheekd (@Cheekd). “You can definitely cross a lot of sketchy offerings but once you find the legit companies, you can sign up for their mailing lists where you’ll get to be the first to hear about new money-making opportunities.“I usually try to find a website associated with the business and check to see if they have a Facebook or Twitter account. I usually don’t do much investigating if the post is written in bad grammar or spelling,” she says.Oh, and definitely steer clear of any gigs that promise free cash. That’s, um, not a real thing.4. For quick and easy cash, try focus groups.If you can find a legit focus group testing in your area, however, they are a fairly simple way to make some moola.“Focus groups are probably the best paying side gig I’ve found,” says Cheek. “I’ve made up to $300 an hour giving my opinion on certain products and services. Sometimes you even walk away with the product you’re reviewing.”“Twice a day I check Craigslist, bulletin boards, and focus-group apps like dscout looking for money-making opportunities. Keywords help guide my searchproduct test, app test, and focus groupand a few hours of work can be worth hundreds with the right opportunity.“Some focus groups can be dull but that’s not always the case. During one related to a new Tony Robbins book, Tony came out afterward, spoke to all the participants and gave us all a free pass to his upcoming inspirational convention. A recent focus group had me tasting beer, not a bad way to make $120, and I’ve even had one-on-one feedback opportunities that pay as much as $400.”5. Check these other great (and underused) side hustles!Aaron Lesher, a CPA with Hurdlr (@hurdlr), a company that helps entrepreneurs simplify their finances, has three little-known side gigs that he recommends:Rent out your spare parking space.Live in a city and have an open parking space during the day? Have people pay you for your unused space by putting it on a service like SpotHero,” says Lesher.Be a part-time mail carrier.Amazon Flex is a rapidly-growing on-demand side gig, provided by Amazon (duh) where you help deliver peoples Amazon packages in your spare time,” he says.“Perks: Amazon claims its drivers make $18-25/hour, which is pretty nice, and you dont have to deal with hauling around a bunch of strangers in your car and managing pick ups, drop offs, etc. Just beautiful silence.”Get paid to play with dogs.“Love dogs, but maybe dont have the time or energy to own a furry friend full-time? Create a profile on Rover, list your availability, and start getting paid to watch or play with dogs while their owners are away. Providers can set their own price and schedule so you only have to dogsit when youre free,” says Lesher.“Of course with any side gig,” he adds, “youre responsible for tracking your own expenses and taxes. Thats where Hurdlr comes in. Its an app that automates your business finances fo r you, so you can worry about making more money from your side hustle.”6. If you want to go full-time, get ready to cut back.Bryan Clayton is the CEO of GreenPal (@YourGreenPal), a company that’s basically like Uber for Lawn Care. Clayton has some great advice for aspiring hustlers who want to turn their side gig into a full-time business:“One of my favorite quotes is by Mark Cuban and he says: The less your expenses the greater your options.“So often when I mentor fellow entrepreneurs who want to quit their full-time job to go all in on their side hustle and their business idea and they have a car payment, live in an apartment or house beyond whats needed, have credit card debt, and wear nice clothes.“The reality is if youre going to turn your side hustle into your dream business youre going to have to be able to live on less than $500 a week when youre starting out.“This may mean bringing on a couple of roommates, renting a spare bedroom out on Airbnb as many nights pe r week ad you can, selling extra clothes of yours on eBay and many many more personal finance hacks.“I did all of these things while starting my business and most the time you can tell pretty early on when talking with somebody if they are going to make it or not by way of the sacrifices they make in their personal finances to get their business going.“This grit, so to speak, not only relates to your personal financial viability. The same mindset spills over into the tenacity with respect to growing your side hustle in a real profit making business.”If you’ve got too much debt and are thinking a bad credit loan is your only option, then getting a solid side gig is a great way to start taking control of your financial life. To learn more about how you can improve your financesand your credit scoregive us a follow on Twitter at @OppLoans  to stay up-to-date on all our latest posts and expert advice!Visit OppLoans on YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedINContributorsLori Cheek .  Architect turned Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of Cheekdâ€" a mobile dating app that makes missed connections obsolete. Lori, a Shark Tank Veteran, was recently listed as The Digital Dating Disruptor and One of the Top 10 CEOs to Watch. A University of Kentucky Architectural Graduate, Lori is no longer building structures.  Shes now building relationships.Bryan Clayton is the CEO of GreenPal an online marketplace connecting homeowners with local lawn care professionals. Bryan is a serial entrepreneur in the lawn and landscaping industry having built and sold Peach Tree Inc., a Nashville-based landscape group, growing the firm to over 120 employees to ultimate acquisition by Landscapes USA.Aaron Lesher, CPA. Aaron is a part of the Customer Success and Growth team at Hurdlr. Hes passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve more financial success. Before joining Hurdlr, Aaron audited Fortune 500 clients at a Big 4 accounting firm. To make sure you know exactly how much in busines s taxes you owe and maximize your deductions, download Hurdlr today.Kristin Marquet  is the founder and managing director of Creative Development Agency. She has generated media placements in the Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, Seventeen, Glamour, and ELLE magazines,, and countless other outlets. Kristin holds a masters degree in marketing and PR from New York University and is also a contributor to,, and She is the owner of PR consultancy and software company,, and the founder of the lifestyle startup, Osman creates engaging content with SEO best practices for marketing thought leaders and agencies that have their hands full with clients and projects. Learn more about her process and experience on her website, and read her latest articles on Twitter: @MaddyOsman.

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Week Vs. United States - 812 Words

Weeks vs. United States December 11, 1911, Fremont Weeks worked for an express company in Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. While on the job, he was arrested without a warrant by police. Weeks was arrested due to suspicions claiming he was using the mailing system to transport lottery tickets. His home was searched and seized without a warrant as well. A neighbor had told the police where a key was hidden, allowing them to enter his home illegally. While they were in Weeks’ home, they seized various articles and papers, which were later turned in to the United States marshal. Once these papers we’re documented, the police returned to Weeks’ home with the marshal, hoping to find more evidence. They found more letters and envelopes in†¦show more content†¦Weeks’ petitioned against the state police for his items back since they searched his house without a warrant. During the trial in 1914, Weeks’ filed again for petition which was denie d until the evidence against him was about to be used. He objected stating that the evidence was taken without any warrant, therefore violates his Fourth and Fifth Amendment. Because of this case, Exclusionary rule was created. Exclusionary rule states that any evidence obtained through a violation of the Fourth Amendment, cannot be used in the court of law. The evidence becomes inadmissible and cannot be used against the defendant. The fourth amendment has two separate sections. One being the search, the other being the seizure. In order to get the right to search, the officers need to go to a court and get a warrant signed by the judge. Once that judge signs the warrant, the officers can go over to the defendant’s home or work and search for the evidence they think is necessary to put them in jail. When it comes to the seizure part, the officers take said items they were searching for and mark it as evidence. This evidence is booked and can later be used in the trial agains t the defendant. Although all the evidence of this case leads to Weeks’ being guilty, he was found not guilty in a unanimous decision. The court stated that because the police refused to give back the possessions they took, they violated Weeks’ fourth amendment rights. If the police were to hold on to

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The Theme Of Homo Eroticism Within The Play As You Like It...

Within this analysis, I will inquire into the theme of homo-eroticism within the play As You Like It and how it differs from various other plays written by Shakespeare and elaborate on how ground-breaking this play was during the time it was written and when it was performed, the differences in social constructs between then and now the differing views of society in the time it was written and the present day. As You Like Its first performance was in London in 1740, a time when popular literature ‘associated homoeroticism with â€Å"revulsion, violent [for] the loathsome and evil thing†Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ an to the Elizabethans homoeroticism was â€Å"abhorred, polluted and unclean†¦ and all that is beastly and obscene†. (Sokolovic-Cizmek, 2003, P) As odd as it may sound, one may believe from that, that Elizabethan society wouldn’t tolerate anything slightly resembling homoeroticism, yet homoerotic practice was widespread in the ‘early modern period’ among both sexes (Bray, 1993). An exerpt from Klarisa Sokolovic-Cizmek’s journal article Before exploring homoeroticism, it is important to determine an understanding of what the term is. As defined by Oxford English Dictionary, Homoeroticism is; ‘pertaining to or characterized by a tendency for erotic emotions to be centred on a person of the same sex; of or pertaining to a homo-erotic person’. It is crucial to not mistake homo-eroticism as merely a synonym of homosexuality, because it is an entirely different concept. Homo-eroticism refers to the

3. 01 Cell Cycle Lab Report Safety Notes Free Essays

3. 01 Cell Cycle Lab Report Safety Notes: Always handle microscopes and glass slides carefully. Wash your hands after handling the prepared specimens. We will write a custom essay sample on 3. 01 Cell Cycle Lab Report Safety Notes or any similar topic only for you Order Now Materials: Compound light microscope Glass microscope slide with prepared onion root tip specimen Purpose: understand and identify the stages of the cell cycle and mitosis. apply an analytical technique to estimate the relative length of each stage of the cell cycle. Hypothesis: What do you predict you will find about the number of cells in each of the phases of the cell cycle? Provide an explanation for your prediction. Procedure: Data and Observations: Create a data table containing a tally of the number of cells observed in each of the following stages: StageNumber of Cells in Part 1Number of Cells in Part 2 Interphase Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Cytokinesis Record any observations about the cells you observed (what does the cell look like for each stage): Data Analysis: Calculate the percentage of the cell cycle spent in each stage. Number of cells in given stage ? total number of cells counted ? 100 = % of the cell cycle spent in this stage Create a graph that represents the time spent in each stage of the cell cycle. Conclusion: Be sure to answer the following reflection questions in the conclusion of your lab report: Based on your data, what can you infer about the length of time spent in each stage of the cell cycle? What stages were the longest and shortest? Give a brief explanation of why these stages may have that time period. What is a distinguishing visible feature of each stage of the cell cycle? What differences can you see when you compare the nucleus of a dividing cell with that of a nondividing cell? If your observation had not been restricted to the tip of the onion root, how would the results be different? How to cite 3. 01 Cell Cycle Lab Report Safety Notes, Essay examples

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Scarlet Letter Description Essays - Film, , Term Papers

Scarlet Letter Description The Scarlet Letter involves many characters that go through several changes during the course of the story. In particular, the young minister Dimmesdale, who commits adultery with Hester, greatly changes. He is the moral blossom of the book, the character that makes the most progress for the better. It is true that Dimmesdale, being a minister, should be the role model of the townspeople. He is the last person who should commit such an awful crime and lie about it, but in the end, he confesses to the town. Besides, everybody, including ministers, sin, and the fact that he confesses illustrates his courage and morality. Hester and Dimmesdale's affair goes undiscovered until Hester is pregnant and bears a child without having her husband present. As her punishment, Hester is forced to stand on the scaffold in the middle of the market place, with an A on her chest. Dimmesdale has not told a single person that he is the adulterer. He sits in the balcony with the Governor, a judge, a general, and the rest of the ministers, watching the display, without any expression or emotion. Hester and Pearl go to the Governor's home to deliver a pair of gloves, but more importantly to inquire about the possibility of the government taking away her child. Also there with Governor Bellingham are Pastor Wilson, Reverend Dimmesdale and Roger Chillingworth. After Mr. Wilson asks Pearl a few questions, the Governor decides that Hester is unfit as a mother and that the child would be better off in the hands of the church. Hester begs Dimmesdale, whom she says knows everything about her and has charge of her soul, to speak for her. Therefore, he does, convincing the Governor to let Hester keep Pearl. This is Dimmesdale's first step to becoming the moral blossom. Late at night, a few years after the previous incident, Dimmesdale takes a walk through the town. He climbs onto the scaffold and pretends to confess; though there is no one out at this time at night. Hester and Pearl, on their way home, pass Dimmesdale on the scaffold. Dimmesdale calls out to them and they join him, standing hand in hand in the darkness. Dimmesdale has begun the road to confession by acknowledging Hester and Pearl and by acting out confession. Now he feels guiltier than ever. He tortures himself, partly because of Chillingworth's actions, by whipping himself and self-inflicting the letter A on his chest. As a result, Dimmesdale preaches the best sermons of his life and becomes more involved with the church and its people. His morality has strengthened even more because he has a large amount of guilt that can be heard in his voice as pathos and the people connect with it, and he wants salvation. Near the end of the book, Dimmesdale and Hester finally meet in the woods to talk. They decide to flee the town by a ship that is leaving in a few days. After making this choice, Dimmesdale is haunted by bad feelings and strange urges that make him realize that it is Satan urging him to deny his sin by running away. Therefore, Dimmesdale changes his mind and chooses to stay. After his change of heart, Dimmesdale re-writes the Election Day sermon that he is to preach. He successfully gives the sermon and afterwards climbs up onto the scaffold. He then asks Hester and Pearl to join him. Pearl is excited because she has waiting for this moment for a long time. Hester is hesitant, but does join him. Standing hand in hand once again, Dimmesdale confesses to the town that he is the adulterer, he shows the A on his chest, and he forgives Chillingworth for torturing him. Then, Dimmesdale drops on his knees and dies right there on the scaffold, right in front of everyone. Dimmesdale is a lot like many people today. We are afraid to admit to wrong doings and we allow the guilt to torment us until we cannot bear it any longer. Dimmesdale is the perfect example of how evil we can become when we let our guilt overcome us, but he is the moral blossom of the novel because he realizes what he is doing, he is ashamed of it, and he confesses and forgives to rid himself of his tormentors.